EPISODE 20: Write Fearless, Edit Smart, Get Published With Editor Lisa Mangum Way-Word Writers Podcast

Send us a Text Message.In this episode of Way-w0rd Writers, hosts Heather Cashman and Stephanie Bearce interview Lisa Mangum, an accomplished author and editor at Shadow Mountain Publishing. Lisa shares her extensive experience in the publishing industry since 1997 and discusses her new book Write Fearless, Edit Smart, Get Published, a masterclass for fiction writers. The conversation delves into Lisa's approach to writing fearlessly, the importance of editing smartly, and the collaboration between authors and editors. She offers insights into the developmental and copy-editing phases, the significance of a strong narrative voice, and advice for authors on dealing with editorial feedback. The episode also touches on Lisa's teaching at writing conferences, her upcoming workshops, and her belief in the fun and joy of writing. Lisa emphasizes that editors are on the author's side, aiming to bridge the gap between storytellers and readers.00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Lisa Mangum00:17 Lisa Mangum's Journey in Publishing01:15 Diving Into 'Write Fearless, Edit Smart, Get Published'01:34 The Philosophy of Writing Fearlessly03:02 Exploring the Writing Process and Overcoming Blocks09:05 The Art of Editing: Developmental vs. Copy Editing15:49 Navigating Editorial Feedback and Collaboration23:09 Self-Editing Tips and Knowing When to Stop25:55 Learning Opportunities with Lisa Mangum27:52 Understanding Editors and the Editing Process
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