EPISODE 24: Exploring Emotional Arcs in Picture Books with Jess Townes Way-Word Writers Podcast

Send us a Text Message.On this episode of Way-Word Writers, Heather Cashman, Stephanie Bearce, and Nicki Jacobsmeyer sit down with Jess Townes, a children's author and bookseller, to discuss the emotional arc in picture books. The conversation delves into how Jess crafts her stories, drawing inspiration from reading children's books and using her experiences and memories. Jess shares insights on the importance of joining organizations for children's book writers, navigating the publishing industry, and maintaining honesty and authenticity when writing for young readers. She emphasizes the role of language and the balance of emotions in storytelling, recommending resources such as the Emotional Thesaurus and Pixar shorts for studying effective emotional delivery in narratives. The episode also touches on the challenges of tackling difficult topics in children's books, the significance of humor and levity, and the collaborative process between writers and illustrators.00:00 Introduction to Wayward Writers00:00 Introduction00:18 Meet Jess Towns: Author and Storyteller01:20 Crafting Picture Books: Jess's Journey03:28 Emotions in Picture Books: What Works and What Doesn't08:08 The Writing Process: From Draft to Emotional Arc11:05 Challenges and Triumphs in Writing29:23 Advice for Aspiring Picture Book Writers
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